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Addis Build

Addis build is an international exhibition organized by Ethel Advertising and Communication in collaboration with our International Partner Ladin Fair and Congress Organization Service. It’s a massive exhibition which focuses on construction, construction equipment and technologies. Ethel has been producing and executing this international trade fair since the 3rd edition which was in the year 2012.


The 8th Addis Build, which was held from October 13th to 16th , 2018 was successful enough to attract around 6000 visitors over the 4 days and bring 130 participants from Turkey, Germany, USA, China, India, Italy, Greece and Ethiopia. For the past two years it’s been held at Millennium Hall. Our company Ethel Advertising & Communication has organized the last six exhibitions and is in the process of hosting the next one which is the 9th Addis Build at the Millennium Hall from October 10th to the 13th. This exhibition creates a platform for international companies to meet with the private sectors, government offices & institution and industry professionals that is essential for the growth of the construction sector.


March 8, 2016