Who We Are

Delivering the ultimate event experience

Ethel is a privately owned company based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Our company has been successfully managing International and Local Trade fairs, Conferences, Award Ceremonies, Gala Dinners, High-End & Corporate events since its inception four years ago. We have ample experience to get the job done to our clients’ satisfaction and more.

We have been successful in strategising, conceptualizing and implementing intricate communication, advertising schemes and executing events, with a national reach within in our clients’ budget. In addition we creatively and efficiently execute campaigns for brands that see their marketing strategies translate into sales. Our work demands a wide range of expertise on funding (sponsorships), concept development, communication and marketing strategies, event management, media and creative designs with the aid of our in-house audio visual studio and a graphic design team.

We are able to uphold these tasks due to our vast network within the media, our excellent reputation with the local businesses and vendors in addition to our dynamic team and solid event management background. We shoulder our clients’ burden. We refuse to do the bare minimum and we’re built on the premise that clients deserve the best.

Our Approach


We believe in understanding the different components that make our clients’ business first. Whether we’re establishing a communication strategy or organizing corporate events we believe in mastering the four essentials: our clients’ need, the audience, the objective and the budget. We begin each journey with an honest and transparent interaction with our clients, enabling them to fully comprehend how we envision our collaboration and what the logistical and financial components are whilst being their stand by advisor.


We’re strategic driven, ambitious and well-oiled machine that dig into our clients’ businesses with the sole purpose of finding remedies to their toughest challenges. Consequently our detailed technical and financial proposals at the beginning of every journey offers our clients a well-grounded platform on which they can clearly see how we’ve tailored our services to their needs and help their business. We pride ourselves in remaining fully engaged in all of our endeavours: from concept to execution.

Managing Director

Haimanot Tesfaye

Marketing Manager

Eyouel Tena

Project Manager

Adi Wario